three photographs of a mans face


Gedichter is an experimental project - the main focus lays on text-picture-contrasts. A collection of Leonard Cohens poems is being displayed in combination with photographs.

The projects title is a mixture of the two German words „Gedichte“ and „Gesichter“, which translate to poems and faces. Faces display a great array of emotions, whom I tried to catch with my camera.

three flowers and a photograph of a womens face

Leonard Cohens poems are mostly deeply sad and tragic, but often those emotions result in profundity and emotionality. That’s why I chose this artist as the main figure of this project.

photograph of two mens heads

In the last part of the book the poems are printed again on transparent paper. The openable ring binding enables the reader to sort the pages the way he, she or they want to. It even allows the reader to take his favourite pages with wherever they go.

text section and a twisted illustration
two men holding their foreheads against eachother