Parcours has been a highlight in the cultural scene in Münster,Germany for more than a decade. Bachelor's and Master's graduates from the Münster School of Design present their final projects as part of an exhibition which is redesigned every semester.

A platform for exchange, for inspiration, love for aesthetics and love for design was created. The design and implementation cover various areas, including a magazine.


The website shows what rethinking concepts is capable of, especially in particularly challenging times. In the virtual tour, designers from all areas of focus and their projects are displayed. Also there are interviews, sponsors and the archive presented.

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With new, adapted concepts such as the parcours podcast, we wanted to create a space for listening and storytelling. Not only the final projects were discussed, but also insights into the design processes with all their ups and downs.


In addition to the magazine, other products, including invitations, posters and stickers, were designed and printed. Parcours 20/21 was implemented as a group project with: Annemarie Ahlers, Luca Bockholt, Anna Böhmann, Kaja Funke, Maria Heidinger, Kim Janke, Darja Kamalie, Janne Lehmann, Leon Nissen, Inga Paulussen and Moritz Voß